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It just takes 5 minutes to tell send us a review about a school. You can add our wechat, WhatsApp or email us.

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3 - History of what happended with proof of any problems

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Then everyone will be able to see the review.

Teaching in China

Find a new job in China

China is a great country to teach in and offers people a great place to live and work.

  • A wide range of teaching opportunities to teach in kindergartens, training centres, schools, colleges and universities.

  • You may find salaries are a little lower compaired to your home country, however cost of living in China is considrably lower.

  • China is a very safe country to live in with serious crime against foreigners being very low.

Our Services

What we offer teachers looking to work in China a facility to check schools and agents.

Free to use

Our web site is 100% free to use.


We don't sell your information to other 3rd party companies.


Before a review is posted schools are asked to comment on the information supplied by the teacher.

Independant Admin

Our admin team is unbiased and will reflect both the school and teachers opinions.

Schools and Agents ranked

Schools and agents rank based on feedback from teachers working in China.

Help others

Work with us to build the most comprehensive database of schools and agents in China.

How we work

Three simple stages

Stage one

Submit report
  • Review the school or agent (Comming soon)
  • Good and bad points
  • Impact on you
  • Conclusion
  • -

Stage Two

We review
  • Contact school
  • Get information
  • Review
  • Comment on the case
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Stage Three

  • Review finished
  • School, agent ranked
  • Comments can also be seen
  • Online to help everyone
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Help us build our database

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We need your help to build the database to help other teachers not have the same problems as you have experianced. It takes less than 5 minutes to submit a school or agent.


To submit your review send us as much information you have on the school or agent. Please enclose screen shots, emails to show the problems. You can contact us using the methods below. After you send us the infomation we will review it and contact you with any questions. You review will be added to our database system and be available for all teachers to review shortly.


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  • "Do you want to review this web site? Contact us".

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